LIC Payment Online

For all the LIC policy holders, online payment feature of LIC is a major boon. The simple joy of being able to make your premium payment online with just a few clicks without the hassle of having to visit a LIC office is second to none.

Best part is that you can do your LIC payment online via either Net Banking, Debit Card or even via a Credit Card. So whatever means you have at your disposal you can do your LIC premium payment online easily.

So how exactly can you make your LIC policy premium payment online. Here’s the step by step procedure that you need to follow to make your LIC payment online.

Step 1:Go to the URL:

Description: lic_online_payment_step1.png

Depending on whether you are a registered user or not, you need to choose from the available payment options.

Step 2: If you are a registered user, you need to click on the following option

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* To know how to register yourself at LIC website check out our article about ‘How to check LIC policy status online’

Step 2: If you are not a registered user and want to save yourself from the process of registration you can still pay your LIC premium online. In this case you need to click on the LIC PayDirect link, using which you will be able to pay your LIC policy premium instantly.

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Note: If you intend to use LIC website regularly to pay your policy premium and for other functionalities offered by it, we recommend you register yourself at the website. While the registration process will seem like a hassle, its one-time thing. Once done, you can easily use all the functionalities offered by LIC online by merely logging into your LIC a/c. This will eliminate the need for you to enter your policy number and other details every time you want to access your LIC policy details online.

Step 3: Registered users will now to be taken to the following page. Wherein you need to enter your LIC UserId and Password, and proceed with your online premium payment process.

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*In case you have forgotten your LIC UserId/ Password, click on the Forgot password/ forgot UserId link at the bottom of the screen and you will be able to retrieve your USerId/Password after following the due process.

Description: lic_online_payment_step6.png


Step 3: Since you are a unregistered user, you will need to have your policy number and premium amount details handy with you. Once you have clicked on the previous link, you will be brought to this page

Description: lic_online_payment_step4.png

Here you need to enter the relevant details, namely: your policy number, premium amount, d.O.B of the policyholder, your email ID and mobile number.

Once you enter these details you will be taken to the payment page, wherein you can choose the mode of payment via which you want to pay your premium and proceed ahead accordingly.