About Us

This website was born out of the frustration I faced when trying to find details about my LIC policy online. No I do not hold a LIC policy, but my parents do hold one. I am just like you, I too belong to the tech savvy generation, and find it more convenient to search for information online. Hence when my parents gave me the task of checking their policy details I immediately came online.

However I was in for a rude shock. After searching around for a while and attempting lots of confusing steps I was still not able to access my policy details. Finally I had to dedicate couple of days to this job, and then I achieved success at last. When I finally achieved success in finding out my policy details, my parents noted that my frustration and difficulties in accessing the LIC policy details must be shared by thousands of LIC Policy holders across the globe. Hence I decided to create a small website chronicling the steps via which I accessed my LIC policy details online, and now you too can access your LIC policy details easily by following these steps.

Initially I only aimed to help people find out their LIC policy status, however as time has passed by I have been receiving numerous questions regarding different LIC policies. To answer these questions I’m working on adding more information on this site about the popular LIC policies, so do keep a lookout for the new additions.

Disclaimer: I am not a LIC agent or expert in matters of LIC policies. I am just a layman who is trying to help myself and others. Do keep asking questions, I will try my best to answer them and together we will learn all the secrets of the different LIC policies.