LIC’s online payment systems has emerged as quite a boon for LIC policy holders across the world. All you need is your LIC policy number and Date of birth details and you can access and operate your LIC policy from any corner of the world via LIC’s online portal.

Amongst the various online features that LIC offers, online premium payment is an important one. In case you have never used the online payment system, make sure you read our article which outlines the step by step process about how to use LIC online payment system.

After paying the premium online, next concern that might come to many of your mind’s is that of the payment receipt, what proof will you have of the payment being made.

This concern has already been addressed by LIC as they provide electronically generated receipt for your online payment. This receipt is mailed to the registered emailID/ emailID provided during online payment within 3 days of the online payment being done.

Meanwhile you can also track your LIC online payment transaction via the LIC website easily by mere few click of your mouse button. All you need is a couple of details, namely your Policy No and your transaction date. i.e the date you had made the online payment.

Step 1: Go to the LIC website, online payment page.

Step 2: Once here click on the LIC PayDirect button located on the right hand side of the page

Step 3: After you have clicked on the LIC PayDirect button you will be brought to the Online Payment Page. Here you need to click on the ‘Transaction status’ link located on the menu bar under the LIC banner.

Step 4: Once you click on the link, you will be brought to this page. Here you need to enter your policy number and the transaction date. Make sure you enter the transaction date in dd/mm/yyyy format only. After entering the details click on submit button underneath, and your transaction details and its current status will be displayed to you on the following page.

In case of any error in your transaction status, drop in a email to explaining your problem. Yours concerns will be addressed by the responsible authorities.

Step 5: You can also click on the ‘Contact us’ link located on the upper right hand side of the page, and find the contact details of the LIC Customer zone located nearest to you. As per your convenience you can either call or visit the local LIC customer zone with your complaint/concerns.

Note: If you have done your LIC payment online. you will receive an electronically generated receipt on the email Id you had provided while making the payment. This receipt will reach you within 3 days of making the online payment. In case you do not receive the receipt, make sure you check your inbox, as well as spam folder for the receipt before contacting the authorities.