How to Check LIC Policy Status Online

With time LIC too has modernized. Now you can check your LIC policy status online, with just few clicks on your computer. Not only this now you can also pay your LIC premium online, via the various different Net banking and Debit card options offered by LIC.

This has made life easier for the innumerable LIC policy holders across the country. Let’s have a look at the process through which you can check your LIC policy status online.

Step 1

LIC Policy Status Online Check

Go to the LIC website by clicking here – LIC Website or you can copy paste the following address

Once on this site, you will be able to see a yellow panel on the extreme right hand side of the website. In this panel, you can view the option: – ‘New User? Click here’. Click on this option.

Step 2

Now you will reach this page. Once here enter the required details namely

  • Policy number of the LIC policy whose status you want to check
  • The Installment Premium amount of your LIC policy
  • Your Date of Birth & Email Id

Step 3

Once you have filled these details you will be taken to the next page wherein you have to enter a password for creating your new LIC policy account. Make sure your password is

  • Atleast 8 characters long
    Contains atleast 1 numeric character

Once you have entered you password, your new account will be created. You will also receive an email containing the Login ID and password details for this account.

Step 4

Now you need to Login into the LIC website using you account details. To do so go back to the LIC Website Here you can see the yellow panel on the right once again. This time you need to click on the ‘Online Service’ option.

Step 5

This option will take you to a new page. Once here you need to click on the Registered User option. This will take you to the next page

Step 6

Once on this page, you need to enter Login Id and password of the new LIC account you had created in step 3. After entering the details, click on Go button, and you are ready to check your LIC policy status online.


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